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The First Steps Back

The kindness that represents a mindful humanity.

The first step back from the shut down of the pandemic involves social consciousness and social responsibility. Social consciousness and responsibility is not political or religious, it is what good people do for each other. The kindness that represents a mindful humanity. It was with everyone’s efforts at limiting contact that allowed experts to gain control of this pandemic that was creating so much loss.

It is the kind hearts of others that have and are helping those who were so seriously impacted better navigate the situation. Whether its been through a kind neighbor bringing food and supplies to another neighbor who could not make it to the market or people volunteering at food banks or all those who have put their lives risk (front line individuals) to help those who were stricken sick by this ugly virus or even those who help keep others informed about resources available. These are only a few examples of the many individuals that help others expecting nothing in return. This is the true meaning of social consciousness and responsibility.

The second step back is using our ability for critical thinking, to analyze an issue in order to form our own judgment and take action. Critical thinking is the basis for any smart and intelligent decision. Yet any analysis requires some research on our part. We need to gather information and for that, we can rely on experts to guide us. This COVID-19 situation that we are all experiencing around the world has brought together some of the top experts in their fields: Epidemiologist, immunologist, economist, head of hospitals, those that have managed past pandemics, among others.

These experts have also conferred with their counterparts in other countries. If we read and listen at the time these experts present different perspectives. These different perspectives allow us to evaluate the situation more thoroughly. And like any other good decision, it involves YOU weighing the alternatives and its consequences. So it comes back to social consciousness and social responsibility: what is best for you, your neighbors, and everyone else around you.

WE are a society and we need each other. We are all part of the human race and as human beings with integrity, we need to take care of each other. The next steps involve moving forward, but it cannot be guided by carelessness or emotions but by sound action that reduces the risk of harming people. We have done well so far; now let’s keep moving forward together. Let’s take care of each other to prevent any more losses due to selfishness or poor decisions. Let’s proceed with compassion and solidarity.


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